About MyType

MyType Team

MyType is run by DSigner Corp located in Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Hongdae, where the office locates, is heart of the graphic art and design industry.
With the passion of art and cutting-edge technologies, we started to develop ‘MyType’ service. We stayed in Washington, DC for discovering customers and business model. And we also met many graphic designers in Northern Europe.
MyType Team and DSigner believe that technologies for the creatives will innovate and lead the future of the design industy. We love to geek out the innovative solutions to solve the creatives’ problems in the most creative way.

The Team


MyType Team aims to innovate the creatives marketplace with following vision:
"MyType makes the place where values the creatives with reasonable structure and efficient but inspirable technology."

Problems we solve

Graphic design asset marketplace is somehow robust but still in old-fashion. High cost for marketing and advertising of the product are just making the price much higher and return for creators lower. What MyType is actually solving is an inefficient structure and time-consuming search experience of the current marketplace.

Values we provide

Great fonts with awesome experience.

Say hello to MyType

MyType Team loves to hear your feedback. Say hello to MyType and share us your creative insights about design, technology or everything else.

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