Licensing at MyType is simple and also clear enough to know what can be done or not with fonts. After purchasing the products, you have to check the type of purchased license(a.k.a EULA). MyType provides stock EULA including common rights allowing you to use the products without any worries. If the purchased license is independent license from type foundry, you have to read through foundry’s EULA. If you have any trouble or inquiry with license, our license support team is ready to help you.

MyType Desktop License

Desktop Licens is most commonly using license. You can create images on any surface or screen such as computer screens, papaer, web pages, photographs, movie credits, printed material, T-shirts, and other surfaces. Desktop license also allows you to use the product for creating scalable drawings like Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch App and other software but only by yourself or company licensing the font.

View MyType Desktop EULA

You can...

  • use it on printing materials.
  • create logo for your business.
  • make video caption.
  • use it on client’s work. (but the client cannot use them unless they have licnese of the font)
  • embed fonts in documents (e.g. PDF files) just for viewing and printing.
  • modify outline of the font and use it for your work.

You may not

  • transfer font files to not licensed clients.
  • use fonts on your website which allows visitors to create their own product such as T-shirts, mug cup.
  • make editable document files with embedded fonts.
  • adapt or merge the licensed fonts to create hybrid Fonts for resale.

MyType Webfont License

Webfont License allows you to use Webfonts at your own webpage only with HTML/CSS @font-face rule. MyType will provide all the necessary assets for Webfont loading and styling with Webfont installation guideline.

View MyType Webfont EULA

You can...

  • apply Webfonts to your website.
  • self-host webfonts in your server.
  • use it on client’s work. (but the client cannot use them unless they have licnese of the font)

You may not

  • use other methods to load and use Webfont files.
  • ignore the installation guidelines.

Need our licensing support?

If you have any touble with licensing, our licensing support team is ready to help you.

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