General Terms of Service

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Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of the Terms and Conditions are for the DSigner Corporation ("The Company" hereinafter) to address and define the Company and its member's rights, responsibilities and other necessary matter when it comes to the use MyType website service( that is provided by the Company.

Article 2 (Specification, Explanation and Revision of the Terms and Conditions)

  1. To make users know easily find out about the terms and conditions, it will be posted on all screens of the website that the service is provided.
  2. The Company shall be allowed to revise the terms and conditions unless it violates related laws and regulations such as the Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act and the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection ("Information Network Act" hereinafter).
  3. If the company revises the terms and conditions, it shall specify the revised terms and conditions, the date of the application of the revision and post it on the service announcement bulletin or stated it through an email 7 days prior to the change is made.
  4. If the user fails to explicitly express their intention to reject the revised terms and conditions until 7 days after the date of application of the revised terms and conditions, the Company shall consider that the user has approved the revised terms and conditions.
  5. If the user explicitly expressed their intention of rejecting the revision, the terms and conditions cannot be applied to the user by the Company, and the user will not be able to use the service as the revision comes to effect.
  6. When the terms and condition is revised, it will only apply to the contract conclusion(s) that is happened after the change of revision is made.

Article 3 (Restriction and Suspension of the Use of Service)

  1. If it pertains to each of the followings, the Company will restrict the user application.
    1. User that is under 18 years of legal age since the effective date of the terms and conditions
    2. Using a false name or using other's identity
    3. Reasons attributable by the user to make the restriction and making application by violating any other various reasons that are stated otherwise.
  2. In case the membership application is denied or deferred following Section 1, the Company will let the following person know in principle.

Article 4 (Obligations of the Company)

  1. The Company shall not conduct activities that are prohibited in accordance with laws and regulations or the terms and conditions or that is run counter to proper public order and customs, and it shall do its utmost to provide products on a continual and stable basis in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  2. The Company shall be equipped with a security system that can protect personal information and it shall notify and comply with the Privacy Policy
  3. If the Company deems opinions or complaints lodged by users with regard to the use of services reasonable, it shall resolve immediately through appropriate procedure.

Article 5 (User's Obligations)

  1. Users must register and detail true information when making changes to membership information. Registering through false information and by using other's information will deprive any rights and protection.
  2. The user shall not conduct harm to the service, intentionally disturb the practice and intentionally make unfair tradings where such actions will provoke the Company to make restriction including restriction of service use for its member(s) and lawful measure(s).

Article 6 (Cancellation of the Service)

  1. The user, at any given time, may apply to cancel the service through membership information menu, and the Company will process it immediately.
  2. In the case of the user canceling the service, unless the Company has to hold onto member's information due to a related law, all of the user's data will be permanently deleted immediately following the cancellation. However, in the case of a sales member, all data will be permanently deleted 14 days after the cancellation is made.

Article 7 (Delivery of Service)

  1. Company provides the service(s) following below to its users.
    1. Provision of content: Provide, sell and mediate content(s) that is uploaded by the sales member
    2. Use of content: Use, purchase and mediate content(s) that is provided by the sales member or the Company
    3. Any service that is provided to the users that is further developed by other companies
  2. Use the principle to provide the service all throughout the year, 24 hours a day.
  3. The company may temporarily stop providing the service when it is deemed fit by controlled and uncontrollable circumstances such as repair or inspection of computer or other information and communication equipment, change or failure, loss of communication, natural disaster, or other related issues. However, in the case of this, the reason and its period of effectiveness will be notified before or after the incident to the user.
  4. The company, if required for the provision of service, may conduct a routine inspection, and its time will be in accordance to the screen that is announced about the service.

Article 8 (Management of Content)

  1. Content that is provided by the Company, may be changed or deleted under Company's discretion following the Company's independent decision.
  2. If problems arise on the content due to reasons including copyright and property right, Company will fulfill its duty of notifying it to its users (announced through email), and its users must stop its use. All legal liability that follows after using the relevant content after the notification has been made will not be on the Company but the user of the following content.

Article 9 (Copyright of the Content)

  1. The copyright for the content that is provided by the Company's service is held by its legal originator or the sales member as well as any other relevant person that holds the right. User, distinguished by the price paid and type of membership, is only being granted use of the content on a permissible range and the Company is not selling the content's copyright itself.
  2. Any illegal reproduction, illegal use or behavior that does not comply with Company's terms and conditions without prior consultation with the Company will be considered as a violation of rights to copyright law and any other relevant law. Therefore, the user must pay for all types of damage done to the Company and related third party.
  3. The Company holds no responsibility for all legal conflict that is occurred from content being uploaded, purchased and used. In the case of a conflict, the person directly involved must resolve it through conflict or consultation. The Company, for an amicable settlement between those who are involved, may provide the factual grounds to those that are involved.

Article 10 (Restriction of Content Use)

  1. All content must not issue sub-license, redistribute or make resale (distribution, transfer, rent, lease and hire).
  2. All content(s) are provided on the premise of non-exclusive use and for it to be exclusively used, it requires a separate consultation.
  3. When selling or distributing a derivative work, make an inquiry to the Company and its originator first.
  4. When delivering the work, the original source of the delivered work may not be delivered at the same time. If the original work is delivered, and the client uses the original content to create a derivative work, any related responsibility is on the user that has delivered the work.
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