Seller Terms of Service

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Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of the terms and conditions is to address the additional terms and condition that is applied to the DSigner Corporation ("The Company" hereinafter) and sales member ("Seller" hereinafter) that is related to the sales product (content) while in use of MyType website service ( that is provided by the Company.

Article 2 (Composition of the Terms and Conditions)

  1. You must agree with the following terms and conditions to be registered as a Seller for the service.
  2. The terms and conditions provide a description on the interests, rights, and obligations of the seller in relation to user(s) related to the content sales. The following terms and conditions are based on the General Agreements of the service.
  3. Seller is categorized as both the sales member and a user of service.
  4. The following terms and conditions provide a description of the obligation of the Seller, qualification, sales method and profit distribution method.

Article 3 (Seller's Qualification)

  1. Content Seller can start the sales activity, following the approval of the Company after going through an appropriate Seller registration process.
  2. The Seller, during the registering process, must truthfully state correct information. In the case of registering using a false or other's identity, all rights and protection will be deprived and there may be a restriction on the use of service henceforward from being found.
  3. Seller must be over 19 years of age.
  4. Seller must have a technical capability that enables the Seller to make reference to the Seller guide within the service to upload and sell the content.

Article 4 (Seller's Obligation)

  1. Seller, must not cause harm to other Seller(s), user, Company, and service, conduct an intentional act to disturb the service and intentionally make an act of illegal trading. In the following cases, the Company may conduct restrictions including a restriction on the use of the Seller service and make lawful measures.
  2. The content that the Seller upload and sell must have its ownership be verified, and when verification is requested by the Company, the Seller has an obligation to comply immediately.
  3. If any legal issues arise due to reason(s) attributable to the Seller, the responsibility following it is on the Seller, and the Company holds no responsibility for it.

Article 5 (Provision of Content)

  1. Seller, when selling a content, must provide the following.
    1. License: Seller must provide a license regarding the product that is being sold. A license that is provided by the Seller is used for the usage of that content, and the license must follow the related license article that is provided by the service.
    2. Content: Content, on the form that can be used on the member corporate and service must be provided. Original content that can be downloaded and used through web service is protected in guidance to the terms and conditions and the Company holds the obligation for maintenance and security of the content.
  2. Company holds the following rights when the Seller provides content.
    1. Company, for the purpose of service operation, may change the name or form of the Seller's content. However, the agreement must be notified to the Seller prior to any change is made.
    2. The company holds relevant information gathering rights required for the service operation such as information regarding the content's sale and information on price.
    3. In a case where a direct and intentional loss is caused to the Seller by the Company for reasons attributable, the Company must notify the Seller immediately and holds an obligation to compensate.

Article 6 (Profit Distribution)

  1. Company distributes the profit of sold content through service as the following.
    1. The total selling price of the content being sold through Company's service is made up of service usage charge and Seller's profits.
    2. The explicit selling price of a content being sold by the Seller can be set on American Dollar (USD) unit and all trade between the Company, user, and seller have the principle of US Dollar standard.
    3. Service usage charge that the Company takes is based on the commission rate that is specified on the conclusion of the contract between the Seller and the Company.
    4. The income that the seller earned is notified on the 20th of every month to the Seller and 5 working days after the 20th, the sum excluding the remittance fee is paid to the Seller.
    5. If the sum that the Company pays to the Seller does not cover the remittance fee, the payment will be carried forward on the following month.
  2. Company or Seller can adjust the selling price by the following.
    1. Explicit selling price on the content that is sold by the Seller is chosen by the Seller and once it is already registered or edited, it can again be edited after the next payday.
    2. For the reasons attributable to the Company, where a change is made on the date of payment, the Company must give a direct notification to the Seller 5 working days before it takes place.
    3. For the reasons attributable to the Seller where there is a problem on payment, or a change is made for the payment schedule, all responsibility following it is on the Seller and Company holds no responsibility for it.
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